Why A Buyer Needs Representation….

Why A Buyer Needs Representation

A Buyer’s Representative can…

Find the Best Property for the Buyer-Client

A buyer’s representative has access to the entire market and is not limited to properties that have been listed for sale with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Homes offered for sale by owner, lender-owned properties, etc. are all possibilities. Phyllis Browning Company maintains current information about these properties so that buyer-clients have a broader selection.Promote the Buyer’s Search

If necessary, “property-wanted” promotions can be targeted towards seller’s representatives and directly to owners of properties that may be appropriate for the buyer-client.Offer Buyer-Clients an Opportunity to Preview New Listings

Because a buyer’s representative offers undivided loyalty to the buyer-client, buyer-clients can be given an opportunity to view newly listed properties before other buyer customers are notified.Access a Broader Range of Properties

Property selection need not be limited by the seller’s asking price. A buyer’s representative may be able to negotiate the sales price within a range the buyer-client can afford.Provide Objective Evaluation of Properties

A buyer’s representative will assist the buyer-client in making a sound evaluation of a property by carefully examining both positive and negative attributes and making an objective comparison between properties.Compare Prices with Other Properties

Provide price counseling by looking at similar homes which have either sold recently or are currently on the market.Negotiate on Behalf of Buyer-Client

Suggest procedures that will strengthen the buyer-client’s negotiating position and implement negotiating techniques on the buyer’s behalf.Continue Property Search During Negotiation

During the term of a negotiation, the buyer’s representative will continue to look for other properties which meet the buyer-client’s criteria to enhance the buyer’s negotiating position.Share All Information

Provide details of any prior unsuccessful negotiations for a specific property (with the previous buyer-client’s consent). Any and all information about the seller which would aid the buyer-client’s negotiating position must be disclosed to the buyer-client.


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